I did a shoot a little while ago. People have told me they'd seen it. I had seen it on the web at nylife.com - but not encountered it in the wild. And then I did. 

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Power Play; Or, What's-Its-Name

I'll be in a reading of a wonderful and dare I say important new play by A Rey Pamatmat at the Atlantic Theater this Thursday at 7 pm. The amazing May Adrales directs a cast of mad talented folks.

For more info and reservations, go here.

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Trayf at Penguin Rep

About a year and a half ago I was invited to workshop a new play called Trayf by a writer I did not know. She was an MFA candidate at Hunter college. I'll read anything, so I said yes not knowing what to expect. Turns out I'd be embarking on a journey with some folks that have become some of my most favorite creative collaborators. Lindsay Joelle is a fierce, funny and intelligent writer (and a lovely human), and each read we've done (and there have been a few) since that first one at Hunter has been a thrill. Proud to report that we are now in the middle of it's first professional PRODUCTION at Penguin Rep Theatre in Rockland County, NY. Come check us out:




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Another Brunch at EST!

Brunch is the best. Unless you're serving it.

Youngblood Brunches are just like regular brunches, but awesomer. And this Sunday I will be partaking in my second brunch piece of the season, (this time with less nudity, sorry).

Eric March's The Seventh Sense. Directed by the allstar of my brunch life, Colette Robert.

Also in the cast: pretty much everyone you know and love.

Jonathan Randell Silver, Eli Gelb, Alex Herrald, Cleo Gray, Turna Mete, Shawn Randall, Kelli Lynn Harrison, Brad Anderson, Debargo Sanyal & Nicholas Ward. 
 IT'S AN EMBARASSMENT OF RICHES AND JOY (but not of rehearsal).


Click here for more info.


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Shane Bogus Reading at Cherry Lane

Courtney Wetzel rocks. 

She has invited me to work on some fantastic plays with some truly fantastic people.

Now she's cast me in a second play by Hunt Holman (last one was called Gun Club. Intense. Funny. So. Much. Fun.) being read at the Cherry Lane Theatre; possibly my favorite theatre location in all of NYC. It's a pretty magical block. And a wonderful place to work.

This play is called Shane Bogus and I will be playing the titular character. If you're around tomorrow at 2 pm, please join us.


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Get Some of Me on itunes!

No, I didn't suddenly develop musical abilities, though I do have rock star dreams and was the lead singer of a band for about a week in college (ah, grunge). My first leading role in a feature length film is now available on itunes!

I made a movie with a wonderfully intelligent and visionary director named SM Kerstein a few years back. He took his time editing the film. It spent some time on the festival circuit & even won some awards. It got a distribution deal. It's called Motion Sickness and now you can rent or purchase it on itunes. It's pretty trippy. A little scary too.


Have a look see on the ol' imdb.


To get it on itunes, click here.

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Do Readings.

Some days I feel like without new play readings, I wouldn't have much of a career. There's the occasional commercial, or voice over (which I thank my lucky stars - and my awesome CESD commercial peeps for!), but in the absence of a gig, or auditions for the aforementioned gig (oy, don't get me started), a lot of actors' day to day acting happens doing readings. And they can be glorious, and for folks like me, necessary. A creative outlet, a chance to take a chance, an opportunity to make some quick choices, AND TO READ A PLAY. Oh, and probably a helpful process for the playwright...assuming your choices aren't completely bonkers...come to think of it, sometimes then too (hi Michael Lew). All this is to say, I'm doing another reading at the Lark this week, one on Sunday and another of a play called Shane Bogus (I play Shane Bogus) at the Cherry Lane on Tuesday June 16th at 2 pm and I couldn't be more thrilled for the work. Some days you write a post on your website and what you're really trying to say is thanks. And read more plays. 

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You Gotta Say Yes

I got a friend request on facebook from James Inverne. We have a couple of common friends. I couldn't place him. I accepted the request. Why not? Shortly after I got a message from him asking about doing a reading of a play he had written. Again, why not? I love reading new plays. I had no expectations. 

Then information starts to trickle forth. Benjamin Kamine will be directing. We've met - not worked together - but I've heard nothing but good things. I was recommended to James and Benjamin by Philip Himberg, who's play Paper Dolls I had recently worked on. The play we were to read is called A Walk with Mr. Heifetz  and is about an encounter between Jascha Heifetz and Yehuda Sharrett in the mid 1920's in what was then Palestine. I was to play Heifetz, the prodigious violinist. These were all wonderful things to find out. Then I heard the kicker. Steve Guttenberg would be participating in the reading alongside the wonderful Yuval Boim and myself. I'm just going to repeat that for all similarly aged peeps. I got to work with Steve Guttenberg.  

Working on the play with Yuval, Steve, James and Ben couldn't have been more enjoyable. It's a complex and profound conversation between passionate men chock full of interesting stories. Ben steered us in some thoughtful conversations, and it was great to have James in the room to share his intentions and scholarship with us. The reading took place in a stunning home on Riverside Drive as the sun was setting over the Hudson. The play went off rather well. There was musical accompaniment and wonderful food. The audience was receptive. If I sound a little glowy and a tad name-droppy, well...yes. Random requests from relative strangers don't usually yield experiences like this one.


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I'm in a play. It's short. It's weird. It's funny. It's sexy.

Ever put a play up in less than two weeks? If the play itself wasn't already intense, it's gonna be. This one's had it's inherent intensity umm...intensified (yup, I said it) by a super-fast rehearsal process and I think we've got something here. It's sad and funny and sexy and dangerous and it stars myself and Diana Ruppe. It's directed by the awesome Abigail Zealey Bess (who sounds like she's from London) and it's currently playing at the 13th Street Repertory Theatre.

Details here:


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Readings! Readings! Readings!

Tis the season of the readings, lalalalala la la la la...

Fruiting Bodies by Sam Chanse, directed Shelley Butler (twice!) was awesome (and mushroomy).

Tiger Style! by Mike Lew, directed by Jaime Castaneda was a mad funny way to lose my O'Neill Theatre Center virginity.

Safeword by Mariah MacCarthy, directed by Jessi Hill was challenging and funny and really good.

Jane of the Tree by Andy Bergh, directed by Abigail Zealey Bess was stupendous good fun.

Domesticated Queer, also by Andy Bergh, also directed by THE Abigail Zealey Bess was also stupendous good fun.

Read to Me by Brendan Pelsue, directed by Sherri Barber was heartbreakingly great.

Walking Shadows by Chris Ceraso and DS Lliteras was pretty harrowing and what a freaking great cast Chris put together.

I'm sure there have been others I've forgotten and I'm sure they were delightful. If I were a more responsible website updater...suffice it to say that aside from the weather, all these readings might very well be my favorite thing about summer.


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New Play. THIS WEEK.

I've been rehearsing a new play. I play a guy *SPOILER ALERT* that gets sick after meeting a (possibly) wonderful girl, and not telling her about my illness. Good times. I think it's pretty lovely. And difficult. And sad. And hopeful. 

Come see it.

By Ashley Minihan
Directed by Sherri Barber
With Molly Ann Nordin, Josh Evans, Linda Shell and Jason Liebman 
at The Ford Studio at Pershing Square Signature Center
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A Play!

After approximately a million (rough estimate) short plays, readings, workshops, etc...at the Ensemble Studio Theatre (where I happened to become a lifetime member at the end of 2012) I have finally booked a mainstage show. I'll be playing a variety of supporting roles in this show about a group of artists during the blacklist. I am thrilled for so many reasons. I'm doing a play - I don't do them neary often enough. I'm playing some characters. This play takes place during a time, and references so many artists who's work has really affected me - specifically my former teacher, the late Phoebe Brand and her late husband Morris Carnovsky (who wrote a book that you should read if you love acting - The Actor's Eye). The play is called Finks. Performances begin March 28th at the Ensemble Studio Theatre.






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What happens when you transpose the WWF storyline between "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan and Miss Elizabeth to an office setting? Come find out Sunday at 1pm at the Ensemble Studio Theatre. 


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America the Brunchiful

I'm participating in the first set of Brunch plays of Youngblood's season at the Ensemble Studio Theatre. It's a partnership with the 52nd Street Project. Our piece has vikings. i have an axe. And impulse control problems. Click here for tickets.

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Meet my fake wife and kid.

If you've been watching tv recently, especially if you watched any coverage on election day - you've probably seen this. That's me awkwardly waving at my "daughter." She did draw an impressive likeness of me. Let's hope this thing plays for a while.

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Oh, what a feeling...

I booked a national Toyota commercial, and shot it last month (days before booking and shooting another big one! go me!). It aired during Sunday night football last week. Have a look see. It's kinda funny. And I make some serious seriousface.

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Workshops, commercials, near misses, oh my!

Another post! Already! Too soon?

I just finished a workshop of Andrea Kuchlewska's play Kissing at the Women's Project, and it was magnificent. I got to play a working class Irish guy in a Boston suburb (typecasting right?) that can't quite get away from the bonds of his family and past. It was truly satisfying to spend a few days in a room with a great group of theatre artists (and people) just working out the play, with no pressure to perform it, or be "ready" - just taking this new work and really exploring it, digging as deep into it as it would support. Thank you Women's Project and Andrea Kuchlewska!

More commercial holds! More commercial auditions! 

Almost had another theatre workshop lined up for next week. I was also apparently close to being in Pennsylvania shooting another film. And just like that, no workshop and no film. Instead, I'm on hold for a Chase commercial, and will probably audition for another one (or two), do a reading series on Monday night (Cherry Picking, at Housing Works. Come, it'll be fun. Promise!) and perhaps finally get around to the home improvements that have been half-finished for weeks (alright, months).


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Shot the film Mary and Louise this past week. I was snapping pics, posting em & realized - not a thing about it on my website - I've had a bunch of gigs that I have been proud of since I last said anything here. The play Spring Tides by Melissa Gawlowski. Love the play & the writer. I love the role(s) I got to play. And am very proud of the work I did. Alas, the show was...but I think the beautiful heart of it was there & I got to make some funny. I hope. I did a brunch play called True Timber at the Ensemble Studio Theatre. Think Brokeback Mountain with lumberjacks, but funny enough that we couldn't hold it together, and it kinda went off without a hitch anyway. A high point in my life. I did a reading at EST a few weeks ago. It was called The Majestic Players Storm Kansas City. It was epic. I was Russian, Italian, possibly German and very large. It was great fun. I've auditioned for a few commercials. I'm on hold for one right now. I did a reading of The Ever and After, by Rachel Teagle, winner of Leah Ryan's FEWW prize for emerging female writers. It was superb & I was honored to be a part of it. I got to be the villain. Villains are cool. I'm about to go away to shoot a short film called A Certain Type of Love Story. I play a music teacher. 

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What a week!!!

Last Tuesday I got to sit in a theatre and watch the film Motion Sickness, AKA my first lead role in a feature film. It was...wow. That's a lot of my face. The film was thrilling and surreal and discomforting and titillating and kudos to SM Kerstein for accomplishing what he set out to do. On Thursday I got to work on a film called Emoticon with the legendary Carol Kane, and the pretty amazing director/writer/actress Livia De Paolis, playing the possible future love interest of Livia's main character. Also got callbacks for two "Daddy" Commercials as I like to call them (me = young dad). All the while I've been rehearsing for a play - and  finally, this Tuesday (last night) we introduced the world to Jon Kern's play Tapefaces. I flipped onto the stage at Ars Nova and what a ride it was. Kung Fu, racial identity and a whole lot of laughs. You shoulda been there. Now, a nap.   

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Booked It!

I was supposed to go on vacation. I got a call from my agent. "You're supposed to be away for the shoot date, but they asked to see you, will you go?" This doesn't happen to me very often, matter of fact, last time I recall being "requested", I went to the audition, and then proceeded to break my face and get a concussion, which made me oh so pretty for the callback, but I digress..

I went. It was a blast in the audition room. The director, Cole Webley is super cool, and fun, and threw out all kinds of permission to get ridiculous. And I did. And I liked it. And then I was "in the mix" for a few days as my vacation departure date got closer. And I booked it. And a whole bunch of travel plans got changed. And I made it to Baltimore. And we shot the commercial. And there was an earthquake - which we were only sure of cuz no one could get wireless reception for a spell. 

They ended up not really wanting to push the ridiculousness (bummer), but they have a good set-up in the spot, and they had some great people on the shoot - Viola Harris is magic - and the peeps from GE were happy to share the caulk (that sentence needed to be written). I hope they got the commercial that they imagined! And Duda's Tavern in Fell's Point was a hell of a place to happen upon on a Monday night. 


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Heading to the farm to develop "In Watermelon Sugar"

We've gathered a beautiful ensemble of theatre makers from around the world to devise a new adaptation of Richard Brautigan's novel  IN WATERMELON SUGAR, a strange and dazzling meditation on the imperfection of human endeavors.  This story, set in a world where the sun shines a different color every day;  the houses are made of watermelon sugar; and each inhabitant is marked by dreams of gorgeous and terrible talking tigers,  cracks open the myth of an American utopia. With the gift of space from SPACE at Ryder Farm, Christopher Burris, Megan Carter, Pia Furtado, Jason Liebman, Tina Mitchell and Kristen Sieh will spend five days developing the novel’s text into a play.


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Another Reading!

June 29th at ART/NY - 520 8th Avenue, on the 3rd Floor, I'll be participating in a reading of Mocha, by Eleanor Burgess as part of Reverie Productions Next Generation Finalist Readings. Reading starts at 7 pm.

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Win for Life is locked and loaded.

Last year, my friend and fellow actor, Michael Nathanson got me in to audition for this flick Win for Life. We shot it around New Jersey, had a great time playing around on set, and a year later - here it is! Reed Adler wrote and directed this funny little romp about what happens when a mild mannered substitute teacher is forced to embrace his inner Rambo. Hopefully playing the festival circuit in the coming months. 

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The Doctor will see you again. Or, you him...No Mom, still not for realsies.

Every Monday in November at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn we are presenting an encore of the award winning production of Can I Really Date a Guy Who Wears a Yarmulke? The production was a sellout smash at the Midtown International Theatre Festival this past summer, and I received a nomination for Best Lead Actor for my performance (as did the leading lady, the madly talented Catherine Lefrere). It's kind of a funny story how the revival came to be - suffice it to say it very nearly never happened and the Beatles are largely to thank for it (and a few other things...). We opened last Monday after nearly no rehearsal (seems to be a trend with this show..) to a great crowd and some very appreciated laughter. It's pretty nutty performing once a week - you just never know what you're gonna get (other than a good time, of course, what else could I possibly mean?) We have 3 performances left and I urge you to check us out. It's good fun, and the bar is open. Here's the skinny: Play, Fun & Bar. Details at www.yarmulkeplay.com

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I'm a Doctor....No Mom, not for realsies.

On Tuesday July 6th, the cast and team behind Amy Holson-Schwartz’s play “Can I Really Date A Guy Who Wears A Yarmulke?” officially met for the first time. We had our table read, blocked a few scenes, and then met again most days for the next (almost) 2 weeks. On Saturday July 17th, we had our first performance of the show before a paying audience.Strangely, I don’t really have much in the way of juicy or gory details. No train wrecks, no disastrous dropped lines, though I’m sure there was some paraphrasing going on (Who, me? Never)…the show went ok. That isn’t to say that it is at the apex of it’s potential; I’m pretty sure you don’t get the most out of a 90-something page script in less than two weeks of exploration. There is definitely some richness there yet to be tapped, and I’m sure it will get “tighter” in the coming performances, but the play went off without a hitch (except for that pair of Eleanor’s shoes that magically disappeared during scene 9 – amazing how articles of clothing always seem to disappear during sex, I mean, whut?) and I think the whole gang deserves a huge pat on the back for making it happen. And if I could figure out how to get off stage, tuck in a shirt, put on a blazer, rearrange the settings on a table, move a couple chairs and head upstage to grab a prop box before the lights come back up, I’d think the whole thing was miraculous.
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What a difference a week makes...

Last weekend was spent avoiding the deluge, and considering construction of an ark (as in Noah’s, not Raiders of…). Spent the weekend in Wayne, NJ and Hartford, CT finishing up Paul Dipalma’s film, False Double. We shot in the middle of a rainstorm (exteriors too) and in the freezing cold, and worked through traffic jams, detours, completely inconsistent weather, prosthetic fingers that didn’t wanna get on straight, a blood geyser rig that didn’t wanna geyser, and many trees down. And somehow it was kind of a blast. Oh – and – did I mention I took night time cold medicine right before we started shooting Saturday? Good times. A week later, it’s 75 degrees outside, the sun is shining, and I’m heading to the park for a picnic. Though I am thoroughly stoked for a relaxing day in the sun – I wouldn’t mind another movie…anybody got one?
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Another project with Paul...

Paul Dipalma, who produced the feature Motion Sickness that we had a rollercoaster ride getting made, is making a movie! He wrote the short False Double and will be directing it and I will be playing the lead. Lensing begins this weekend, 02/06 and the added bonus – I get to play with my friends Sharon Eisman and Jorge Cordova (who I just did The Ninja Cherry Orchard with), and Steven (Sam/SM/Shmuelly) Kerstein, who wrote and directed Motion Sickness is working on it too, as is Deb Prado (who did a million things on the set of Motion Sickness)! Arturo – you will be missed!
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That's A Wrap!

About two years ago I started work on an indie feature called Motion Sickness. I was a different person then in so many ways and I could not have imagined that it would be a part of my life for as long as it has. Tonight, I wrapped principal photography on the film. In the interim, I've done numerous plays, several short films, some commercial stuff and VO's, but this was my first starring role in a feature film, and tonite I'm thrilled that we got to finish it. Now we get to see where it goes. And despite wanting desperately to see where that will be, and being relieved/ecstatic/surprised/ecstatic/relieved that we finished the thing, I can't help but be a little bummed that this flick that has been there waiting to get done through the huge changes that have happened to me over the past couple years, is in the can, and the fractured psyche of Shem Mochin can be laid to rest. I've spent a long time in some very cold water, even longer in very hot apartments (and a train), seen some memorable things (that's pretty much all you Musto), been decapitated and recapitated, worn the crap out of a navy blue suit and fedora, and worked with some truly wonderful folks. I will be psyched to see them all at the wrap party. And you at the premiere!
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Oh my Damn! Reviews are in.

2 weeks after we finished our run of Fight Girl Battle World, which was a blast, by the way - these 2 reviews get posted, and yup, they're pretty amazing. not that they would've changed anything during the run, we were sold out prior to our first performance, but it's always nice to find out the audience was having a good time too! check it: http://www.showbusinessweekly.com/archive2009/551/fight.shtml and this one is almost literally a love letter: http://www.pinkraygun.com/2009/08/04/geek-theater-vampire-cowboy’s-fight-girl-battle-world-rocks-my-frickin-geek-world/
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Fight Girl Battle World 6 days away!

FIGHT GIRL BATTLE WORLD strikes back next Tuesday! Get your tix now! Opening and Closing nights SOLD OUT! Whaddup, Vamp Fans! Finally, Vampire Cowboys' critically-acclaimed show, FIGHT GIRL BATTLE WORLD,returns for a limited 6 performance run at HERE Arts Center this coming Tuesday (July 14th)! Tickets for Opening and Closing nights have already sold out, so please grab yours now so you won't miss out on all the action and adventure! We promise ya, this is one fun geekalicious sci-fi theatrical ride you are not gonna want to miss! JULY 14th thru 18th, 2009! tues, wed, thurs, fri, & sat @ 8:30pm plus a special late night performance on friday, july 17th @ 11pm at HERE ARTS CENTER 145 Sixth Avenue (enter on Dominick, one block south of Spring) Only $15 Admission For tix: CLICK HERE! Or visit www.here.org or call 212.352.3101 For more info: www.vampirecowboys.com
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Work, work, work & singing my praises...

So I am still kinda weird about posting this, maybe cuz it's vain to do so, or possibly because I am Canadian, but, over the weekend, after seeing "Doctors Jane & Alexander" theatre artist extraordinaire Ian W. Hill had this to say about me on his blog: "I will note that the cast is excellent. Jason Liebman is a perfect stage-version of Edward -- it's been my pleasure to direct Jason, and whenever I watch him in anything I always wonder why he isn't a star yet. I mean, I work with and know many MANY brilliant actors, but when I watch Jason he just has that quality that makes you wonder, "Why doesn't he have a sitcom or a movie or something like that yet?" You just LIKE him and like watching him." I can't quite explain how much it means to me to hear anyone say that, particularly someone I respect. Especially after the process of this show, which was a little more difficult than I was expecting. Though it was rewarding; the cast & crew were truly excellent, and I think that Edward Einhorn truly has something to say with the piece. And now we can put that one to bed, cuz I have a reading Thursday night for Reverie Productions. It's a play called City Hall Cemetery, and it's ridiculously lovely. Come check it if you can. Details and link to rsvp: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=83370458105 Also shooting a film this evening, and this morning I did some ADR for a new NBC series called The Philanthropist. And, just starting to dip my toes in the next play, the remount of The Vampire Cowboys Fight Girl Battle World. Busy. Good.
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First Review In for "Drs. J & A!"

Doctors Jane & Alexander is nearing the end of it's run - 1 week of performances left and we recently got a lovely review from Martin Denton, the tireless theatre lover behind nytheatre.com. You can read it here: http://www.nytheatre.com/nytheatre/review_fest.php?p=100004 It has been an exhausting process, to be completely honest - the show is the first one I've had serious difficulty figuring out. It's part documentary theatre, and also largely not. The characters are real people (a lot of whom have seen the show...), yet we aren't being "them." And I'm playing the guy who wrote, directed and produced the play, but not doing "him." Confused yet? I think the lesson I've learned is that it's a lot simpler than all that. Not to say that I have it all figured out, or that figuring it out necessarily yields a good performance, but it does create a comfort, or an ease and that usually leads to discovery, which is where the exciting stuff happens. It's taken a while to get there, and I think we are, and am quite excited to see what the final week will bring.
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Caffeine at showtime...

Long day yesterday. looooooooooooooooooooooong. And to cap off the day, I had a show at 9 pm, and it requires some effort and concentration. So I downed a cup of coffee right before showtime. And the motor, which had been dormant for a while, started revving. And next thing I remember the show's over, and I hardly remember a moment of it. Having said that, I think the show's really coming together, and the cast do some really wonderful work. It's called Doctors Jane and Alexander, and Alyssa Simon (who is my age) plays my mom (in the show) at various ages throughout her life, but mostly at age 68, battling the effects of a stroke. She's badass. As is Timothy Babcock as my doctor/musician gramps, Peter Bean who pays my brother, Talaura Harms & Josh Mertz in a slew of roles, hilarious all, and Phoebe Silva rockin' the Irish accent, and playing a very young girl determined to get her prize. So glad to play with all of them, just wish I could remember what i did last night.
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Doctors Jane & Alexander opens this weekend!

It's been an interesting process, working on a found text play and this week we get to share it with you. Come check it out: Doctors Jane & Alexander written and directed by Edward Einhorn Music by Alexander S. Wiener and Henry Akona Untitled Theater Co. #61, New York at Theater Three, 311 W. 43rd St, 3rd Floor with: Timothy Babcock*, Peter Bean*, Talaura Harms*, Jason Liebman*, Josh Mertz, Phoebe Silva*, Alyssa Simon*, and Maxwell Zener* on May 23 WORLD PREMIERE Sat 5/23 @6:00, Mon 5/25 @7:30 (followed by a discussion), Thu May 28@9:00, Sun 5/31@5:00, Sat 6/6 @8:30, Sun 6/7 @7:30, Mon 6/8 @7:30, Fri 6/12 @9:00, Sat 6/13 @6:00, Sun 6/14 @1:00 Tickets $18 BUY NOW ONLINE! or call 212-352-3101 Using found, fabricated, and occasionally finagled text, the playwright explores the life of his grandfather Alexander S. Wiener, the co-discoverer of the Rh factor in blood, through interviews with his mother, a psychologist who recently retired due to a debilitating stroke. An examination of art, science, ambition, and achievement, told with humor and song. Company bio: Untitled Theater Company #61 is a Theater of Ideas: scientific, political, philosophical, and above all theatrical. Past projects include the Ionesco Festival, the NEUROfest, the Havel Festival, and the Off-Broadway production of Fairy Tales of the Absurd. Most recently, they produced a calypso musical version of Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle.
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The Return of Bootsy!

Sunday afternoon I was fortunate enough to participate in Youngbloods' final Brunch of the season, in a piece by my friend Michael Lew. I also was lucky enough to get to re-inhabit the character of Bootsy Nostradamus from a piece written by Graeme Gillis I did for the Vampire Cowboys' Revamped in 2008. The character is ridiculous good fun to play, and I think he has helped me discover where my "sweet spot" might be. Bootsy is a legendary DJ, and possibly rock star cool. He is also not all there (or is he?) and sees the future, which of course leads to confused reactions from those around him, and the audience, which of course allows me to relish those weird moments where he comes off less cool than he might seemingly be. The sweet spot. Outward cool with a soft geeky center, prone to making pronouncements with a certainty that should embarrass him, but doesn't. Or at least that's what I got to do on Sunday with wonderful castmates Melanie King, Devere Rogers and Keith Randolph Smith.
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That's a wrap!

Just wrapped shooting the film Win For Life last night. It was a looong week, but a really good one. Some really funny stuff, and some pretty cool stunts, all of which I got to do (except the driving, apparently you need some sort of special training to fake run another car off the road...), there should be some cool footage to add to the reel pretty soon...now back to getting stage ready.
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Win For Life

Just got my call times. Ugh. But movie magic it will be. Very much looking forward to it, haven't made a buddy pic in a while. And I get to make it with an actual buddy. Now if I could only find some time to learn my lines for tomorrow. Oopsy.
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Brother's Keeper & Doctors Jane and Alexander

The dance card appears to be filling up. In early May I'll be shooting a film called Brother's Keeper with an old friend and some new ones. It's a lovely script, AND I get to shoot some hoops in it. Hope I still got game. All the while I'll be rehearsing a play called Doctors Jane and Alexander where I literally get to play the playwright. You'll see.
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Back in the fold; Fight Girl Battle World

So it looks like everybody's favorite Vampire Cowboy in exile will be returning to the promised land. Last season's show Fight Girl Battle World is being remounted for the Undergroundzero Festival, and I've been asked to reprise a role I read in the original workshop, but didn't play in it's first production. They're an awesome gang, the show was hilarious, and they also happen to be friends who are a blast to work with. Game on.
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Rehearsing `Win For Life`

My friend Michael Nathanson, who had already been cast in this film, recommended me to the director for the lead role, and a couple auditions later, we're in rehearsals! It's a solid, funny script and we're being encouraged to improvise. Let's see if i can bring the funny. Or stand there and look on disapprovingly as Michael brings the funny. I'm playing the straight man to Michael's clown, which is a reprisal of roles (though not exactly) from the gig we met on about 5 years ago in Philly.
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Jason Liebman publishes new website

Write the copy for the first blog post
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