Another post! Already! Too soon?

I just finished a workshop of Andrea Kuchlewska's play Kissing at the Women's Project, and it was magnificent. I got to play a working class Irish guy in a Boston suburb (typecasting right?) that can't quite get away from the bonds of his family and past. It was truly satisfying to spend a few days in a room with a great group of theatre artists (and people) just working out the play, with no pressure to perform it, or be "ready" - just taking this new work and really exploring it, digging as deep into it as it would support. Thank you Women's Project and Andrea Kuchlewska!

More commercial holds! More commercial auditions! 

Almost had another theatre workshop lined up for next week. I was also apparently close to being in Pennsylvania shooting another film. And just like that, no workshop and no film. Instead, I'm on hold for a Chase commercial, and will probably audition for another one (or two), do a reading series on Monday night (Cherry Picking, at Housing Works. Come, it'll be fun. Promise!) and perhaps finally get around to the home improvements that have been half-finished for weeks (alright, months).