I was born and raised in Montreal. I live in New York City. Montreal bagels win. 

Once upon a time, I played a ninja. Which is noteworthy because if you were to meet me, you would likely never think “he might be ninja.” Then again, those are usually the best ninjas, so…

According to Time Out New York, I’m “agile,” and according to the Village Voice, I’m a “standout performer.” According to the New York Times, I’m “Jason Liebman.” Time Out New York did once refer to me as “buff and utterly stone faced” and I still haven’t decided if it was intended as a compliment. I admit I was pretty stone faced. Utterly so. I mean, my character was technically dead. 

I am a huge fan of commercial auditions.

Haribo Gold Bears are a perfect food. Unless you consider their nutritional content. Nutrients aside, perfect.







2010 Best Actor Nominee, Midtown International Theatre Festival

I was nominated for the best lead actor award in the 2010 Midtown International Theatre Festival for my performance as Aaron in Can I Really Date A Guy Who Wears a Yarmulke?

2007 Best Narrative Feature

Arranged won the award for Best Feature at the Brooklyn International Film Festival

2007 Audience Award

Arranged won the best pic award voted by the audience at the 2007 Brooklyn Film Festival

2006 Best Film, Horrorfest

Rekindled was awarded the best overall film award at the 2006 DVX User Horrorfest.

2006 Best Short

When We’re Old and Love Means Nothing wins Best Short Film at the Blue Mountain Film Festival