Doctors Jane & Alexander is nearing the end of it's run - 1 week of performances left and we recently got a lovely review from Martin Denton, the tireless theatre lover behind You can read it here: It has been an exhausting process, to be completely honest - the show is the first one I've had serious difficulty figuring out. It's part documentary theatre, and also largely not. The characters are real people (a lot of whom have seen the show...), yet we aren't being "them." And I'm playing the guy who wrote, directed and produced the play, but not doing "him." Confused yet? I think the lesson I've learned is that it's a lot simpler than all that. Not to say that I have it all figured out, or that figuring it out necessarily yields a good performance, but it does create a comfort, or an ease and that usually leads to discovery, which is where the exciting stuff happens. It's taken a while to get there, and I think we are, and am quite excited to see what the final week will bring.