Last Tuesday I got to sit in a theatre and watch the film Motion Sickness, AKA my first lead role in a feature film. It That's a lot of my face. The film was thrilling and surreal and discomforting and titillating and kudos to SM Kerstein for accomplishing what he set out to do. On Thursday I got to work on a film called Emoticon with the legendary Carol Kane, and the pretty amazing director/writer/actress Livia De Paolis, playing the possible future love interest of Livia's main character. Also got callbacks for two "Daddy" Commercials as I like to call them (me = young dad). All the while I've been rehearsing for a play - and  finally, this Tuesday (last night) we introduced the world to Jon Kern's play Tapefaces. I flipped onto the stage at Ars Nova and what a ride it was. Kung Fu, racial identity and a whole lot of laughs. You shoulda been there. Now, a nap.