On Tuesday July 6th, the cast and team behind Amy Holson-Schwartz’s play “Can I Really Date A Guy Who Wears A Yarmulke?” officially met for the first time. We had our table read, blocked a few scenes, and then met again most days for the next (almost) 2 weeks. On Saturday July 17th, we had our first performance of the show before a paying audience.Strangely, I don’t really have much in the way of juicy or gory details. No train wrecks, no disastrous dropped lines, though I’m sure there was some paraphrasing going on (Who, me? Never)…the show went ok. That isn’t to say that it is at the apex of it’s potential; I’m pretty sure you don’t get the most out of a 90-something page script in less than two weeks of exploration. There is definitely some richness there yet to be tapped, and I’m sure it will get “tighter” in the coming performances, but the play went off without a hitch (except for that pair of Eleanor’s shoes that magically disappeared during scene 9 – amazing how articles of clothing always seem to disappear during sex, I mean, whut?) and I think the whole gang deserves a huge pat on the back for making it happen. And if I could figure out how to get off stage, tuck in a shirt, put on a blazer, rearrange the settings on a table, move a couple chairs and head upstage to grab a prop box before the lights come back up, I’d think the whole thing was miraculous.