So I am still kinda weird about posting this, maybe cuz it's vain to do so, or possibly because I am Canadian, but, over the weekend, after seeing "Doctors Jane & Alexander" theatre artist extraordinaire Ian W. Hill had this to say about me on his blog: "I will note that the cast is excellent. Jason Liebman is a perfect stage-version of Edward -- it's been my pleasure to direct Jason, and whenever I watch him in anything I always wonder why he isn't a star yet. I mean, I work with and know many MANY brilliant actors, but when I watch Jason he just has that quality that makes you wonder, "Why doesn't he have a sitcom or a movie or something like that yet?" You just LIKE him and like watching him." I can't quite explain how much it means to me to hear anyone say that, particularly someone I respect. Especially after the process of this show, which was a little more difficult than I was expecting. Though it was rewarding; the cast & crew were truly excellent, and I think that Edward Einhorn truly has something to say with the piece. And now we can put that one to bed, cuz I have a reading Thursday night for Reverie Productions. It's a play called City Hall Cemetery, and it's ridiculously lovely. Come check it if you can. Details and link to rsvp: Also shooting a film this evening, and this morning I did some ADR for a new NBC series called The Philanthropist. And, just starting to dip my toes in the next play, the remount of The Vampire Cowboys Fight Girl Battle World. Busy. Good.