Every Monday in November at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn we are presenting an encore of the award winning production of Can I Really Date a Guy Who Wears a Yarmulke? The production was a sellout smash at the Midtown International Theatre Festival this past summer, and I received a nomination for Best Lead Actor for my performance (as did the leading lady, the madly talented Catherine Lefrere). It's kind of a funny story how the revival came to be - suffice it to say it very nearly never happened and the Beatles are largely to thank for it (and a few other things...). We opened last Monday after nearly no rehearsal (seems to be a trend with this show..) to a great crowd and some very appreciated laughter. It's pretty nutty performing once a week - you just never know what you're gonna get (other than a good time, of course, what else could I possibly mean?) We have 3 performances left and I urge you to check us out. It's good fun, and the bar is open. Here's the skinny: Play, Fun & Bar. Details at www.yarmulkeplay.com