Tis the season of the readings, lalalalala la la la la...

Fruiting Bodies by Sam Chanse, directed Shelley Butler (twice!) was awesome (and mushroomy).

Tiger Style! by Mike Lew, directed by Jaime Castaneda was a mad funny way to lose my O'Neill Theatre Center virginity.

Safeword by Mariah MacCarthy, directed by Jessi Hill was challenging and funny and really good.

Jane of the Tree by Andy Bergh, directed by Abigail Zealey Bess was stupendous good fun.

Domesticated Queer, also by Andy Bergh, also directed by THE Abigail Zealey Bess was also stupendous good fun.

Read to Me by Brendan Pelsue, directed by Sherri Barber was heartbreakingly great.

Walking Shadows by Chris Ceraso and DS Lliteras was pretty harrowing and what a freaking great cast Chris put together.

I'm sure there have been others I've forgotten and I'm sure they were delightful. If I were a more responsible website updater...suffice it to say that aside from the weather, all these readings might very well be my favorite thing about summer.