Sunday afternoon I was fortunate enough to participate in Youngbloods' final Brunch of the season, in a piece by my friend Michael Lew. I also was lucky enough to get to re-inhabit the character of Bootsy Nostradamus from a piece written by Graeme Gillis I did for the Vampire Cowboys' Revamped in 2008. The character is ridiculous good fun to play, and I think he has helped me discover where my "sweet spot" might be. Bootsy is a legendary DJ, and possibly rock star cool. He is also not all there (or is he?) and sees the future, which of course leads to confused reactions from those around him, and the audience, which of course allows me to relish those weird moments where he comes off less cool than he might seemingly be. The sweet spot. Outward cool with a soft geeky center, prone to making pronouncements with a certainty that should embarrass him, but doesn't. Or at least that's what I got to do on Sunday with wonderful castmates Melanie King, Devere Rogers and Keith Randolph Smith.