I was supposed to go on vacation. I got a call from my agent. "You're supposed to be away for the shoot date, but they asked to see you, will you go?" This doesn't happen to me very often, matter of fact, last time I recall being "requested", I went to the audition, and then proceeded to break my face and get a concussion, which made me oh so pretty for the callback, but I digress..

I went. It was a blast in the audition room. The director, Cole Webley is super cool, and fun, and threw out all kinds of permission to get ridiculous. And I did. And I liked it. And then I was "in the mix" for a few days as my vacation departure date got closer. And I booked it. And a whole bunch of travel plans got changed. And I made it to Baltimore. And we shot the commercial. And there was an earthquake - which we were only sure of cuz no one could get wireless reception for a spell. 

They ended up not really wanting to push the ridiculousness (bummer), but they have a good set-up in the spot, and they had some great people on the shoot - Viola Harris is magic - and the peeps from GE were happy to share the caulk (that sentence needed to be written). I hope they got the commercial that they imagined! And Duda's Tavern in Fell's Point was a hell of a place to happen upon on a Monday night.