Last weekend was spent avoiding the deluge, and considering construction of an ark (as in Noah’s, not Raiders of…). Spent the weekend in Wayne, NJ and Hartford, CT finishing up Paul Dipalma’s film, False Double. We shot in the middle of a rainstorm (exteriors too) and in the freezing cold, and worked through traffic jams, detours, completely inconsistent weather, prosthetic fingers that didn’t wanna get on straight, a blood geyser rig that didn’t wanna geyser, and many trees down. And somehow it was kind of a blast. Oh – and – did I mention I took night time cold medicine right before we started shooting Saturday? Good times. A week later, it’s 75 degrees outside, the sun is shining, and I’m heading to the park for a picnic. Though I am thoroughly stoked for a relaxing day in the sun – I wouldn’t mind another movie…anybody got one?