Shot the film Mary and Louise this past week. I was snapping pics, posting em & realized - not a thing about it on my website - I've had a bunch of gigs that I have been proud of since I last said anything here. The play Spring Tides by Melissa Gawlowski. Love the play & the writer. I love the role(s) I got to play. And am very proud of the work I did. Alas, the show was...but I think the beautiful heart of it was there & I got to make some funny. I hope. I did a brunch play called True Timber at the Ensemble Studio Theatre. Think Brokeback Mountain with lumberjacks, but funny enough that we couldn't hold it together, and it kinda went off without a hitch anyway. A high point in my life. I did a reading at EST a few weeks ago. It was called The Majestic Players Storm Kansas City. It was epic. I was Russian, Italian, possibly German and very large. It was great fun. I've auditioned for a few commercials. I'm on hold for one right now. I did a reading of The Ever and After, by Rachel Teagle, winner of Leah Ryan's FEWW prize for emerging female writers. It was superb & I was honored to be a part of it. I got to be the villain. Villains are cool. I'm about to go away to shoot a short film called A Certain Type of Love Story. I play a music teacher.