Some days I feel like without new play readings, I wouldn't have much of a career. There's the occasional commercial, or voice over (which I thank my lucky stars - and my awesome CESD commercial peeps for!), but in the absence of a gig, or auditions for the aforementioned gig (oy, don't get me started), a lot of actors' day to day acting happens doing readings. And they can be glorious, and for folks like me, necessary. A creative outlet, a chance to take a chance, an opportunity to make some quick choices, AND TO READ A PLAY. Oh, and probably a helpful process for the playwright...assuming your choices aren't completely bonkers...come to think of it, sometimes then too (hi Michael Lew). All this is to say, I'm doing another reading at the Lark this week, one on Sunday and another of a play called Shane Bogus (I play Shane Bogus) at the Cherry Lane on Tuesday June 16th at 2 pm and I couldn't be more thrilled for the work. Some days you write a post on your website and what you're really trying to say is thanks. And read more plays.